A True pH Miracle story on Health

A True pH Ph Miracle story

By Peter Goodgold

I was a vegetarian for 35 years before I discovered the miraculous properties of Ionized Alkaline Water.

I became a vegetarian while in college in 1971 and always considered myself to be quite healthy. Back then, I started eating a macrobiotic diet and years later became a lacto-vegetarian. I consumed dairy products, but no meat at all. I suffered from migraine headaches for over 35 years and I was slightly overweight (170-180 lbs). I knew something was still missing in my health picture, but I didn’t know what it was. Becoming a cooked-food vegetarian is a small step towards health. Becoming an Alkalarian raw foodist is ten giant leaps forward to health.

People take tiny steps toward health, which is good, but they wonder why they still get sick. About 9 years ago I was introduced to the concept of balancing our bodies pH by drinking high pH Ionized Alkaline water made with an electronic Water Ionizer. The water created with this amazing machine tasted great. It was so refreshing and rejuvenating that it became a major change in my dietary habits. I only drink Alkaline water since this day and the changes in my health have been incredible.

The book The pH Miracle by Dr Robert O. Young was an eye opener for me! I immediately realized that here was one of the most incredible books revealing health facts that made so much sense to me. I learned the importance not only of eating a plant based diet but also the significance of balancing ones pH. This was a big “AHA” for me! Dr Young stresses that our bodies are alkaline by design. And that the Standard American Diet (SAD) which is based on animal protein is extremely acidic. By eating 80% alkaline foods and 20% acid foods we can bring our body into pH balance. “You health depends on an alkaline environment, created by eating foods such as tomatoes, avocados, and green vegetables, together with smaller portions of mildly acidic foods like fish, grains, and certain fruit. Striking the optimum 80/20 balance can result in dramatic weight loss, rebuilt stamina, strength, and vibrating health”.

Another great book I recommend reading is the China Study by T. Colin Campbell. The China Study is the most important book on nutrition and health to come out in the last 75 years. Backed by well documented, peer reviewed studies and overwhelming statistics the case for a vegetarian diet as a foundation for a healthy lifestyle has never been stronger. The science is clearly conclusive: the best diet for humans is the vegan diet. The Vegan diet stops and reverses most diseases, rejuvenates, slims the body and stops the needless slaughter of animals and ravaging effects of animal farming.

There is nothing more important for the body than water and there is no better water than Ionized high pH Alkaline Water. No other water even comes close.

The first line of defense against disease is a properly hydrated body. Most Americans are chronically dehydrated. This is the reason why anti-acids are in such demand. People do not have a deficiency in anti-acids they are dehydrated and need to drink more water, especially Alkaline Water.

Learning about pH balance and discovering Ionized high pH Alkaline Water were the best lessons I have ever learned about health. I began drinking alkaline water daily and consuming more raw alkaline foods in my daily diet. If I ate cooked foods I would use Ionized Water created with my Ionic Oasis water ionizer. Foods cooked with Ionized Alkaline Water have their pH increased, the foods cooks faster, tastes better and has a longer shelf life.

Within 3 months I lost over 25 pounds and no longer suffered from migraine headaches anymore. Within six I lost over 40 pounds of excess body fat and do not get colds or flu’s anymore.

Many people today are more aware of acid forming foods and are learning to properly hydrate their body and start eating more raw foods because of health challenges. My eating of more raw foods and drinking about 1 quart of water for every 30 pounds of body weight has changed me to now feel as healthy as I did when I was in my twenties.

Over the last several years I have learned that our body can cure itself of any disease.
Therefore, if you are sick, it is because you allow yourself to remain sick. It is not the foods we eat, but rather what the body does with the nutrients from those foods that it uses to heal itself.

The source of all disease comes from over acidification of the body, such as when the pH is imbalanced in our body. As far as medical advice, I can offer none whatsoever. Anything regarding medicine should be between you and your doctor. I am not a formally trained medical, health or nutritional professional in any way.

What I know of health is what I have read, experienced and spoken with others about. I offer no medical advice, but rather guidance and ruminations about health. The reason I know almost nothing about medicine is because medicine does not lead to health. I have lost 40 pounds, rid myself of Migraine headaches, reversed my aging process and rejuvenated my body at a cellular level.

All this by eating and drinking higher pH Alkaline Water made with (Ionic Oasis Water Ionizer) and more alkaline live(raw)foods. This information I am passing on to you my readers if followed will change your life, your lifestyle and your perspective of health.

The human body is capable of curing itself of any disease. All we need to do is hydrate the body, alkalize the body and detoxify the body. The question is how can we do this.

The protocol is simple: Drink plenty of high pH Ionized Alkaline Water, Eat lots of Greens, Raw Foods, Exercise & Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude.

And it works each and every time it is tried, meaning that when this health protocol is followed, Great Health will result.

Stay Healthy and Hydrated,
Peter Goodgold

What’s Watering You?

What’s Watering You?

By Peter Goodgold

Water is the most prevalent element in nature, as well as in your body. Over 70% of your body is made up of water…and the same goes for our planet, water is extremely important to life. In fact where there’s water, there’s life and without it, there is no life.

So the water we drink is of supreme significance. This fluid is responsible for hydrating cells, delivering nutrients, digestion, eliminating metabolic wastes and acids and maintaining the integrity of the of the total anatomy of the body. The water we drink needs to be MORE than “just water.” Some people think that drinking purified water is beneficial but pure H2O such as distilled water has nothing in it, It has no minerals, no electrolytes, no ions, no oxygen, no impurities, no chemicals…nothing. Distilled water is not living water. Part of what makes water beneficial or not is the mineral content of the water.
Water is naturally pure, naturally alkaline, naturally ionic, and naturally oxygenated water found in waterfalls and springs is living crystal water. When this water is frozen and examined with a microscope such as done by Dr Masaru Emoto we see that this water has a crystalline hexagonal shape similar to a snowflake. Distilled, Reverse Osmosis and bottled water when frozen has no shape. There are no minerals in this water, it is not vibrating, it is dead water and should not be consumed!

In today’s unnatural, polluted world we live in water isn’t what it used to be. WaterWorks4u will show you how to make and drink the most beneficial water for your body and we will show you how you can achieve this in several different ways.

What is Wrong with Pure Water?
As mentioned the purest form of water is distilled water. Why? Because it’s simply H2O (Hydrogen and Oxygen). But because of it’s purity and lack of mineral content it absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and this brings the pH of the water down to an acid level of 4pH similar to a cup of coffee. This is not healthy at all.

The next best form of water purity would be filtered water, but the quality of what you are getting after filtration highly depends on the type of filter that is being used. Filters reduce impurities but not all. Sometimes they unfortunately also filter out beneficial minerals.

The same goes for “bottled water.” Most bottled water is created with Reverse Osmosis filtered water with colloidal minerals added back in. But Reverse Osmosis water also makes water acidic with a pH between 4.5 and 6 pH. In general, if you drink “bottled water,” you’re just paying for filtered tap water with a low pH. Not to mention the leeching of BPA from the plastic bottle. Most bottled waters are pretty much the same…bad water in a plastic bottle made from petroleum.

And finally there is tap water. Tap water is neutral (7pH or higher) and has many beneficial minerals that are naturally found in spring water. But if your not filtering the tap water than you may be doing more harm than good.

Now that we have discussed the various water choices, we can start reviewing what elements to look for to make sure we are drinking healthy water. Remember filtering is the first level to start from, and what makes water a truly healthy drink is if it is both Alkalized and Ionized.

What Is The Difference Between Ionized and Alkalized Water?
Alkaline water is water that is above pH 7pH (neutral). Water is naturally alkaline because of the presence of alkaline minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. More beneficial is drinking ionized water between 9 and 10pH. This helps bring our body to pH balance sooner.

The alkaline minerals in natural alkaline water helps your body to neutralize the acids that are created daily from the acid based American Diet, air pollution and stress. Keep in mind acids aren’t bad, they are just a waste byproduct of metabolism. They’re just “bad” when they go un-neutralized and build up in your body from eating too many acidic food choices or lack of sleep or worry.

Ionic or Ionized water is water that contains enough negative ions in order to conduct electricity. You could also call ionized water, electrolyte water. These negative ions help conduct energy or move it from cell to cell. When your body is charged with them, energy flows better and you FEEL BETTER!

Ionized Water is not New!
Ionized water is nothing new. The ancient Greeks used to ionize their water thousands of years ago by putting their water in Urns made of copper and brass and swirling the water within. To ionize is to gain or lose an electron. And the Greeks of old seemed to be aware of this as they restructured their water in metallic vessels.
So to recap, alkaline water helps to alkalize and balance the pH of our body by neutralizing body acidity and ionized water helps to energize or conduct the energy that’s already in your body. You need both Alkalized and Ionized water to bring your body to its optimum health!

Water Ionizers (electronic water alkalizing machines) that produce alkaline water with a pH between 9 and 10 and create a strong negative charge produce the best water to help bring our body to perfect health. Optimum pH for our blood is 7.365 pH. We can achieve this by drinking plenty of fresh ionized alkaline water right from our faucet tap using an electric Water Ionizer. Water Ionizers have a built in filter that removes all contaminants before the water is ionized.

The Ionic Oasis Water Ionizer manufactured by www.WaterWorks4u.com uses a Biostone filter that is composed of activated charcoal, anti-microbial silver and tourmaline crystals (from Brazil) that produce a negative charge in the water and Far Infrared Radiation that is extremely healthy and beneficial.
Live raw foods have a negative charge and are extremely healthy for us.

The Ionic Oasis Water Ionizer mimics this negative charge found in raw foods and gives us an abundance of energy. This negative charge is known as ORP which stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. Everything we eat or drink either oxidizes us or antioxidizes us. In other words everything we ingest either ages us or anti-ages us. We want to consume food and water that is full of natural antioxidants. Water Ionizers such as the Ionic Oasis produce these antioxidants plus hydroxyl ions in the water that eventually becomes oxygen and as we know disease cannot exist in an oxygenated alkaline environment.

Ionized Water increase your Energy
Healthy Blood Cells is what energizes your body and creates natural, sustainable energy within your body.
Healthy blood cells are kept separated by negative charges on the outside of them. Acids reduce this negative charge and facilitate an unhealthy formation. The result is less oxygen in your blood, less current flowing in your body, and that slow, tired and lethargic feeling. When you “Feel” tired – and it’s not bedtime, it is typically the result of this…

The key to sustainable energy, is not a cup of coffee or a can of carbonated soda, but rather infusing your body with healthy ionized, alkaline water. To be properly hydrated we need to consume one liter of water for every 30 pounds of body weight. For instance if you weigh 120 pounds then you would consume 4 liters or a gallon of alkaline water daily. If you have a debilitating disease more than that until you bring your body pH back into balance. Once the body pH is balanced the body will heal itself as nature intended.

You may also have heard that ionized, alkaline water can cleanse the body. That is very true. It does so by supplying the basic infrastructure inside your body that will allow for your body’s detoxification systems to work optimally. Remember…your body is 70% water. It’s everywhere, from your blood to your lymph and present in every cell.

Ionized Alkaline water keeps you Regular.
When the fluids of your body are properly alkalized and ionized, the process of eliminating your daily waste load happens naturally. Ionized water hydrates the body six times more efficiently than tap or bottled water. This is because Ionized water is nano-clustered. It produces water clusters approximately half the size of other waters. Because of its nano clustering (smaller cluster size) Ionized water reaches areas within our bodies that normal water can never enter because of its larger cluster size. Ionized, Alkaline water is the right water for the foundation for your lymph system, your liver, your kidneys and your colon to do their jobs optimally.

How to get started with Alkaline Water
The best time to start drinking Alkaline water is now, it is time to get on with it and start infusing your body with the correct water drink. Drinking pure, Ionized Alkaline water will start you down the path to greater health and energy within your body.

To make healthy, alkaline & ionized water for everyday use you www.WaterWorks4u.com offers several simple and convenient choices.

1.The Ionic Oasis electronic Water Ionizer– these counter top units connect to your faucet tap and within seconds produce some of the best Alkaline water found in the USA. This Water Ionizer makes 4 levels of Alkaline water and 2 levels of acidic water which can be used for hair and skin rejuvenation and its anti microbial properties. This machine can make all the water needed for your family to be properly hydrated with healthy Alkaline water for a few pennies a day.

2.The Rejuvenizer Alkalizing bottle– this new portable water ionizer creates purified Ionized Alkaline water for when you are away from home and can’t use your electronic Water Ionizer. Or for traveling. It can create over 3000 bottles of Alkaline water before needing a new replacement filter. Just fill the stainless steel bottle with tap water and shake and wait 10 minutes and you can produce a healthy bottle of de-chlorinated purified Ionized Alkaline water with a 9 or 9.5 pH. Once ingested you can feel the difference immediately. The water is smoother tasting.

3.The Ti-Stick – this is another portable Water Ionizer. It is an extremely inexpensive way to create healthy Ionized Alkaline Water when traveling or away from home. The Titanium Stick allows the user to make healthy water anywhere. Just place the de-chlorinating Ionic stick (cartridge) in a bottle and add ordinary tap water. Shake and wait 10 minutes and you have purified, de-chlorinated hydrogen rich Alkaline water. The Ti-Stick can create 1000 healthy bottles of drinking water before it needs replacing.

With these great Ionic Alkaline products created by www.WaterWorks4u.com you will have healthy alkaline, ionic water always around you to drink, cook and help bring you and your family into pH balance. Once your body pH becomes neutral it starts to heal itself naturally the way nature intended.

And because it’s always available and ready to drink the rest of your family will benefit as well. Pets love Alkaline water! Put a bowl of it next to them and watch what happens. By making a habit of carrying around bottles of healthy Alkaline water, you’ll drink more…even when you’re NOT thirsty. And this will help keep you alkalized, energized, detoxified and will do wonders for keeping your body healthy!

If you’re very athletic, you should always tote around bottles of Ionized Alkaline water. It contains MORE electrolytes than any other “electrolyte drink”, without ANY sugar or preservatives. The Ionized Alkaline water will boost your metabolisim and energy levels. So drink up…your performance and stamina will increase proportionately to the amount of Ionized water you drink daily.

If you’re a tea drinker, you should always use Ionized Alkaline water. This nano-clustered water will create better tasting tea. And because of its smaller water cluster size Ionized water can make tea without heat.

ECO Friendly
Today more people are environmentally conscious. You can lessen your impact on our environment by reducing your use of store bought bottled water. All of those plastic water bottles are a waste of energy and resources, plus they take over 2000 years to decompose! So go out and purchase a few portable water bottles and portable Water Ionizers and start charging your water and transforming your health!

Price? Bottled Water Verses Ionized Water
In times like this, saving money is very important. By taking charge of your life and changing your water you are taking the first step in improving your health. But you are also saving money in the process. The average person needs to drink about 10 bottles of water daily. At $1 per bottle this is $10 per day or $360 per month which adds up to $3600 per year. Multiply this by the amount of people living in your household and you can see this adds up to an enormous amount of money wasted buying unhealthy unnatural water in a plastic bottle. Just by using the WaterWorks4u products such as the Ionic Oasis or the Ti-Stick you can recoup this money immediately. The average Ti-Stick costs only $49.99 and can make over 1000 bottles of healthy Alkaline water. This comes to about 5 cents for each bottle of water you make verses spending $1000 for store bought bottled water.

The choice is yours, we need to spread the word that Americans can make their own water anywhere, anytime and save hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year. Not to mention how much you save when you are not running to Doctors with health issues.

We hope this blog was informative and if you have any questions, please visit our website www.WaterWorks4u.com and go to the frequently asked question tab.
WaterWoks4u’s founder Peter Goodgold will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding this blog or pH Balancing your body in general.

Here’s to your first step in the right direction to vibrant health, and happiness.

“ To Drink Ionized Water is not the Question, it is the Solution”

Alkaline Water to Balance your Body’s pH

The pH Scale and Importance of balancing your body’s pH!

by Peter Goodgold

The water you drink, and its pH value, 
has a profound affect on your health.
All distilled water we have tested falls between 4.0 and 4.5 pH, which means distilled water averages 1000 times more acid than your blood, which should be 7.365 pH.
Reverse osmosis water averages 5 pH,
100 times more acidic than your blood.
These waters have had all the minerals removed from them 
so they are literally pure H20.
Because of this purity, these waters absorb carbon dioxide out of the air, making them acidic and aggressive at dissolving alkaline substances.
These waters are as acidic as drinking coffee!
When consumed, these waters must be neutralized by alkaline buffering agents such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.
Click here to find out where your body gets these alkaline buffering agents.
While these other forms of filtration do remove various chemicals and/or minerals from the water, they are harmfully acidic and cause oxidation – aging, as they have a positive ORP, unlike ionized water with its negative ORP and high pH.
For more information about the Rejuvenator Water Ionizer and the new Rejuvenating Alkaline Water Stick go to http://www.WaterWorks4u.com

What is pH anyway?
pH (power of Hydrogen) is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 14. The lower the pH the more acidic the solution, the higher the pH the more alkaline (or base) the solution. When a solution is neither acid nor alkaline it has a pH of 7 which is neutral.
The maintenance of a desired pH range has important implications for life processes, agriculture, industry and the environment. Examples of this include:
For a person to remain healthy, the pH of blood must be maintained within a narrow range, 7.35 to 7.45, ideally at 7.365 pH.
Plant growth can be severely affected if soil pH is too high or too low, and the availability of plant nutrients and non-essential elements may be affected.
Pipes and pumping equipment can be corroded in a short time if they carry water that is acidic in nature (i.e. low pH).
Internal slightly alkaline pH is the key to balance. The goal of the human body is to reach and maintain a state of equilibrium (a neutral pH). Due to the fact that a majority of the foods and drinks we take in are acidic, our bodies are constantly working to neutralize their environment with alkaline elements. When this balance is compromised many problems can occur.
For instance, cancer does not live well in an alkaline environment but flourishes in an acidic environment. What we consume either raises or lowers our body pH. For example a soft drink such as a cola has a pH of 2.7-3.0, which is extremely acidic! A soft drink with a pH of 3.0 is going to have a much higher pH after it has passed through the body; it is going to have close to the same pH as your body, about 7.0. It reached that pH level by stealing precious minerals and fluids from your body! Putting soft drinks and other high acid foods in your body lowers your body’s pH making it more acidic, thus more susceptible to disease.
It does not give you disease; rather it helps to create the ideal environment for any disease that may come along to get a foothold, may it be environmental, genetic, diet related or by other means. The vast majority of cancer patients possess a very low body pH, ranging from 6.0-5.0 or lower. Our bodies simply cannot fight disease if the body pH is not properly balanced. Want your own pH food chart and tester?
For more information about the or Water Ionizers and the new Rejuvenating Alkaline Water Sticks go to http://www.WaterWorks4u.com

How the pH Scale Works

Like the Richter scale that’s used to rate earthquakes, the pH scale is not linear. The intervals between numbers is logarithmic, which means every number on the scale shows ten times less H (Hydrogen) concentration than the number below. Food or water with a pH of 6 is ten times more acidic than food or water with a 
pH of 7.
A pH of 5 is 100 times more acidic than pH 7 (10×10) and a pH of 4 is 10,000 (10x10x10) times more acidic than pH of 7. This exponential relationship is the same for the alkaline end of the scale.
Soda, with its pH of 3, is 10,000 times more acidic than neutral water.
Furthermore, Soda is about 1,000,000 times more acidic than high 9 pH water. You need to drink about 32 glasses of high pH water to neutralize the acidity in one glass of soda.
By changing the covalent or weak bonds within the molecular structure of water you can change the pH of that water. The best and most cost efficient way to accomplish this is using electrolysis in a Water Ionizer.

WaterWorks4u Suggestions for Optimal Health & Weight Loss:

EAT SLOW: Drink your food and chew your liquid! Digestion starts in the mouth!
EAT 75% RAW: Raw foods (veggies, fruits, sprouts, nuts & seeds) are the best for you!
EXERCISE: Jumping with various exercises on a rebounder is fun and a total workout!
DRINK WATER: Ionized Water from a rejuvenator water ionizer is best, at least 64 oz’s day!

For more information about the WaterWorks4u Water Ionizers and the new Titanium/Alkaline Water Stick go to http://www.WaterWorks4u.com or email h2o@WaterWorks4u.com or call us at 561-790-2004

Enagic Kangen Verses the Ionic Oasis

The Enagic Kangen water ionizer is manufactured by Leveluk corporation and they are an MLM (multi level marketing) company that sells water ionizers to customers with the idea of making large profits as you get more sellers under you. There is nothing special about the Enagic 501 series except for it’s high price of $3999. This price is needed because in order for an MLM company to be successful they need to have at least a 10 mark up on a product to make up all the comissions everyone needs to earn from selling not only the product but also the ability to sell the product to someone else and get that someone under you and someone under him and so on.

I do not believe this is the correct marketing strategy that will help our upside down economy. Does this sound like a Ponzi scheme? Yes it does, because as we know these schemes work only for those who get on board at the begining and get all the other people under them to do all the work. Like all Pyramid schemes they eventually collapse because of the greed factor.

Here is the comparison of the Enagic 501 and the Ionic Oasis

First of all, most electronic water ionizers make alkaline water and acid water of approximately the same pH levels. Usually they make water between 3.5 pH and 10 pH.

The Enagic claims their machine can produce 2.5 acid water but they don’t mention that you have to add a saline solution to achieve this low pH. The Ionic Oasis because it has larger electrodes can achieve the 2.5 acidic pH water without adding any saline solution. The bigger electrodes lets the Ionic Oasis produce water with a high pH of 11.5 and a strong negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of -800 to -850.

The Enagic has 7 platinum titanium electrodes but so does the Ionic Oasis. Our Ionic Oasis has 7 plates that are bigger (twice the size of Enagic) Platinum/Titanium electrodes and a much larger carbon/silver/tourmaline water filter. The Ionic Oasis has a built in pH meter and an on board ORP meter (measures the negative or positive charge of the water).

Enagic does not offer a built in pH meter or a built in ORP meter! Why not…for $3999 shouldn’t you get all the bells and whistles…not with Kangen for $3999 you get a standard water ionizing machine, nothing wrong with it but the high price.

Enagic (Kangen) with a $4000 price tag has to say a lot of negative things about other water ionizers to justify their ridiculously high price tag. Enagic (Kangen) costs more because it is a MLM company. Their machine wholesales for $400 and they mark it up 10 times. A 10 time mark up is needed for all MLM companies in order to be successful. So this means the average person is paying 6-8 times more than they have to because of MLM marketing. Perhaps MLM stands for something else…perhaps it stands for MUST LOVE MONEY!

We are the manufacturers of the Ionic Oasis and because we are the manufacturer and not a (MLM) mulit level marketing company, we don’t have 10 levels of middle men making profits on our water ionizers. We sell directly to the public the end consumer and we pass the savings on to you, the customer.

More comparisons:
The Enagic (Kangen) water ionizer has a drinking hose which is made of plastic, the Ionic Oasis drinking hose is manufactured out of stainless steel like most sink faucets. Not plastic!

Counter top water ionizers hook up to sink faucets with the use of a device know as a diverter. This device screws onto the end of your water faucet and diverts the water from the faucet to the water ionzer.

The Enagic water diverter is made out of plastic.The Ionic Oasis uses a high quality stainless steel diverter to hook up to your sink faucet.

So that’s the comparison. The Ionic Oasis gives you more features and better quality and bigger electrodes,Biostone filters, stainless steel diverters and drinking hoses for less than half the price of the Enagic Kangen water ionizer.

We at WaterWorks4u.com make a fair profit on each Ionic Oasis sale. Enagic makes an obscene profit on each sale!!!

It’s your money…Spend it Wisely!

For more info on the Ionic Oasis please review it on our site http://www.WaterWorks4u.com you will be glad you did. Don’t forget to tell your friends about it also.

Stay Hydrated

Peter Goodgold
..creating a Healthier World One Drop at a Time!


HI I AM PETER GOODGOLD OF WATERWORKS4U.COM And I fell it is time for the public to ;learn about the secret health benefits of alkaline water.There are many views on the benefits of ionized alkaline water. Many supposedly educated people have put down the benefits of ionized water without even trying it themselves. How can you make an educated decision on something so important without testing it themselves. Let me begin my discussion by explaining what and how Ionized water may be one of the most important health discovery of modern man.

Ionized Water Overview

Without water, life could not exist.

Without water, we could not exist.

70% of your body is water. 85% of your brain is water.

Your bones are 25%, and your blood is 83% water.

Researchers know that when we are born we are about 90% water, as an adult we are 70% water, and late in life we shrivel to about 50% water. One reason we age is because we lack sufficient water.

With water being of such prime importance to our body,
the quality of the water you drink is of supreme importance.

To get the full power of Negatively Charged, Antioxidant, Oxygen-Rich Ionized Water, it must be consumed fresh and strong, right out of the tap. Slow the water flow down on the water ionizer and the glass you fill will have thousands of tiny bubbles in it. Those are hydroxyl ions, which are the antioxidants and the reason for the negatively charged ORP. The most powerful function of ionized water, its ORP, is fragile and lasts only 18-24 hours.

To Drink Ionized Water is not the Question,

it’s the Solution – to Internal Pollution!

Water ionizers produce antioxidant high pH alkaline water to detoxify your entire body and, like the fountain of youth, slow, halt or even reverse aging. This ionized water can hydrate your cells, remove toxins, help you lose weight, rejuvenate your skin, give you more energy and alertness due to it’s basic attributes:

Ionized Water is a Powerful Antioxidant
It Provides Increased Oxygen and Free Radical Scavengers
Its Alkalinity Balances Body pH
Its a Powerful Detoxifier and Superior Hydrator
In addition, the replaceable 1.0 micron filter in the water ionizer removes up to 99% of the chlorine and most bacteria.

Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

writes in Conscious Eating, © 2000
“Japanese and some American hospital research has found ionized water useful for the treatment of cancer, diabetes, intestinal problems, liver problems, and other chronic diseases. Alkalinized ionized water can play a powerful role in reversing the degenerative results of an acid system. This is a revolutionary health breakthrough. The ionized water replicates the “living qualities” of high-altitude mountain spring water.”

This is the first part of many articles I will offer to educate the public on the importance of ionized alkaline water.

If you wish to read more please go to our website http://www.purelifestore.com and or http://www.waterworks4u.com or contact me directly at peter@waterworks4u.com

Wonderful, Clean, Ionized Water

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a glass of water and know that it is free and comes from the air, and you are not drinking water with chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, pharmaceuticals or contaminants?” Peter Goodgold
asked. “WaterWorks4U offers a product solution to water concerns in The Acreage and beyond.”

Acidity and Cancer

Cause of Cancer – Acid & Acidity
Excerpt from “Acid & Alkaline” by Herman Aihara

If the condition of our extra cellular fluids, especially the blood, becomes acidic, our physical condition will first manifest tiredness, proneness to catching colds, etc. When these fluids become more acidic, our condition then manifests pains and suffering such as headaches, chest pains, stomach aches, etc. According to Keiichi Morishita in his Hidden Truth of Cancer, If the Blood develops a more acidic condition, then our body inevitably deposits these excess acidic substances in some area of the body such so that the blood will not be able to maintain an alkaline condition which causes these areas such as the cells to become acidic and lowers in oxygen.

As this tendency continues, such areas increase in acidity and some cells die; then these dead cells themselves turn into acids. However, some other cells may adapt in that environment. In other words, instead of dying – as normal cells do in an acid environment – some cells survive by becoming abnormal cells. These abnormal cells are called malignant cells. Malignant cells do not correspond with brain function nor with our own DNS memory code. Therefore, malignant cells grow indefinitely and without order. This is cancer. Cancer is formed from an acid environment and over acidity.

Title: Acid and Alkaline
Publisher: Ohsawa, George Macrobiotic Foundation
Copyright: 1986 | Revised 5th Edition
Author: Herman Aihara